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October 02, 2023

Suggestions For Phoenix Home Security Landscaping To Protect Your Home

Landscaping is known to add appeal, value, and function to properties. But it can also impact your home’s security. Look over the following Phoenix home security landscaping tips and see how to make your home safer.

No. 1: Maintain Your Yard

What impression does your yard convey? A nicely maintained landscape with a mowed lawn, clipped shrubs, and mulched flower beds tells possible thieves you’re attentive to your surroundings. On the other hand, neglected grass and weeds suggest you’re careless about your yard and may not put a priority on your home’s security either. Don’t make your house a target by sending the wrong message.

No. 2: Brighten Your Phoenix Landscape

Darkness is preferred by criminals as they would like to stay out of sight. Don’t make things easier on them. Rather, implement different types of lighting all through your landscape. You no doubt already have a light outside your main entry, but you ought to integrate motion-detecting options in strategic areas like your sliding patio door or near your garage. Try solar lights beside a walkway and accent lighting near trees or retaining walls. In so doing, you can remove probable hiding spots while delivering a special element to your property. You can even set up interior smart lights to come on when activity is observed outdoors.

No. 3: Keep Your Sightline Clear

You ought to be able to view all parts of your property from inside. Keep plants at three feet tall or less so you don’t impede your view. If you’re buying new plants, inspect the label to know the mature size. Generally, it’s better to steer clear of hedges and more expansive plant life, specifically by entryways like garages.

No. 4: Keep An Eye On Your Yard With Exterior Cameras

Surveillance systems are one of the most powerful burglary deterrents. Just having them visible is enough to turn away most possible thieves. With that in mind, keep your camera in clear view but high enough off the ground so it can't be easily accessed. When you're not home, you can review live video clips through your handy smartphone security app. To enhance your peace of mind, notifications can be dispatched straight to your phone if your surveillance cameras discern questionable activity.

No. 5: Defensive Flora Is Effective As Phoenix Home Security Landscaping

Not too many prowlers will want to navigate a thorny bush to reach your lower-level window. You’ll have to choose plants appropriate for your area, but you might go with gooseberry bushes, holly, dwarf bougainvillea, and rose bushes as defensive flora. Don’t forget, your plant life should be under three feet tall if placed outside of windows, and if there are small children in your home, they might not be the right solution.

Bolster Your Safety-Focused Landscape With A Home Security System In Phoenix

An innovative home defense from Secure24 Alarm Systems is the right complement to your Phoenix home security landscaping. Our well-designed packages provide powerful tools like surveillance, automation, and control through vocal commands. In addition, our home security sign will look tremendous in your well-groomed yard. Dial (602) 649-6096 today and design a system to your family’s unique requirements.